June 29, 2010

I Love Birds!

I love birds! I love playing around them.  I used to have 6 birds as my pets. Now I only have 2. You see that one flying?

This picture was taken 2 years ago during our field trip. I was a little bit smaller then.

This was taken last year during our field trip to another place.

My sister and I were chasing them!

I'm not afraid of them and they are not afraid of me.

I'm joining Watery Wednesday  here.

June 27, 2010

The Mystery of Pinky's Carrot

An original story by Zoe.
Once upon a time, there was a pink rabbit named Pinky.

 Pinky planted carrots because she loved carrots.

This was Pinky's house.

At night, she slept upstairs in her bedroom.

Every morning she would visit her garden.

But one morning, she was surprised that her carrots were gone!

She went to ask her neighbors.

Pinky saw an orange thing in her neighbor's window.
So she went to ask Sweetie if she could go inside her house.

She went inside Sweetie's house and found an orange bear. "Oh, you're not a carrot!"

Pinky told Sweetie and Orange Bear that she was looking for her carrots.

Sweetie told Pinky that they go to Violet's house to look for Pinky's carrots.

"We're here to look for Pinky's carrots." Sweetie said to Violet.
"I may have some carrots in my kitchen." Said Violet.

Pinky saw an orange thing in the kitchen.

But it was Sparkles' orange fish for her dinner.

Violet, Sweetie, Orange Bear and Pinky went to the countryside to look for her carrots. They asked a girl riding an elephant if the orange thing on the elephant's head was a carrot. She said, "It's an orange hat. But I saw Eeyore playing with a carrot."

So they went to see Eeyore. "But that's not my carrot."

Pinky was so sad. It was already night time so she decided to go home.

When she came home, she found all her carrots! And one carrot grew so big!
Does anybody know what happened?

The End

Thank you for reading my story.

At The Japanese Shop

I found many cute yellow things in the shop. I like this yellow cup!

It hard to dig on this floor, hehehe. Our shovel at home is green. This one is yellow.

This is a big sunflower!
We did not buy anything. My mom calls it window shopping for fun.

Have fun this week!

June 20, 2010

Fun On A Yellow Boat

Having fun in a yellow boat.I felt safe with my dad and big brother with me.

My sister, my cousin and my uncle were also with us.

We had so much fun until sun was down.


June 19, 2010

Thank You, Daddy!

You always hold my hand....

I feel safe with you...

We are always together...

Thank you for the time you spend with me.


June 13, 2010

Oh, Happy Day, Happy Day!

My mom and Dad took me and my brother and sister to the music school. My brother studied piano here before but now he is learning classical guitar. My sister learned how to dance hiphop here before but not she is learning jazz. I wanted to learn how to play violin but mom said I can come to my sister's dance class to try.

Here I am, waiting for the lesson to begin. I'm excited but a bit scared. My first time to join a dance class.

The classroom is on the 4th floor. Mom and Dad watch us on the tv monitor.

At first, we did the stretching. I am on the far left with my sister at the back. I like this part because I can split very well.

This time more children came. After the lesson my teacher told my mom and dad that I can join the class and my sister can join the advance class for bigger children.

I like to dance and I am so happy to be in a dance class. It's a happy, happy day for me!