January 28, 2010

God Made The World

Did you know that God made the world in six days?
I learned this from my Science lesson and my Bible.

  • Day 1- God made light. He called the light - day, and the dark -night.

  • Day 2- God made a space between heaven and earth. He called the huge space -sky.

  • Day 3- God made water (oceans, rivers, lakes), dry land and plants.

  • Day 4- God made the heavenly bodies ( sun, moon and stars).

  • Day 5- God made birds in the sky and fishes in the ocean.

  • Day 6- God filled the land with all kinds of animals. And God made man and woman.
What did you learn this week? Can you also share what you learned?

January 23, 2010

So-real Dream

I had a beautiful dream where I ate a giant juicy apple.

Then after eating that apple, I became smaller and smaller and smaller like a mouse!
Can you see me under the table?

I worked my way up on the chair. I was afraid that someone would step on me. Yikes!
But no one was in the room so I checked around, and I stepped on a soft bed, oops, a pair of slippers!

I tried to put them on.... how do you think I fit?

Then slowly I saw my feet growing bigger and bigger until they fit on the slippers.

I woke up and found myself back into my beautiful world.
Thank you mom and dad for taking us to Dream World.

My Blog, My World!

Do you like the new look of my blog?
I do, I do!
I hope you like it too!

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January 9, 2010

A Dream Come True

I've been dreaming and praying to go back to Dream World. After 2 years, today, this dream came true.

Our first stop was the miniature of 7 wonders of the world. Here is Taj Mahal.

Something in Rome.... I forgot what it is...sorry.

My big sister by the Eiffel tower.

Our next stop is the Fairy Tale Land where everything is like a dream...

Then, there was a parade. I saw big princesses and clowns....they were really tall.

I had so much fun! It was like in a dream. They teased me that I was just dreaming today, that I was actually asleep.

We went to many rides and the last one was a cable car way high up. And I shouted very loud!!!!!!!! This is how it looks from up there.

Before I went to bed to night, I thanked God for this wonderful day He gave me. I will show you more pictures next time.

January 4, 2010

My Drawings

My mom and I saw a pretty blog with many drawings that I like. So I also draw my own pictures. Here they are.

Visit the blog of Miss Marie Blossom Time Creations to see all the drawings I like.