September 18, 2011

We're Best of Friends

My mom made an album of me and my big sister. I liked it very much and so I'm sharing this page to you.

Isn't it pretty?

August 21, 2011

My New Hobby is Photography

This photo was taken by my mom when we were at the park.
I like taking photos with my camera. 
My mom gave me her old camera after she bought a new one.

I love taking photos of flowers in our garden. This is for Mellow Yellow.

 I took this in our favorite park. This is for Weekend Reflection.

 This pink waterlily is for Today's Flower.

 I took this photo of the lake where I feed fishes and birds.
This is for Green Monday.

This one is for Watery Wednesday.

 My Mom and Dad like sitting by this lake. This is for Skywatch Friday. 

 Weee!!! I love this sheep! This is for Camera Critters.

This photo was taken by my mom at the farm.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you like my photos.
I will share more photos next week.

July 28, 2011

I had a Birthday @ a Farm!

I've been wanting to have a birthday celebration at a farm so my animal friends can join the fun, too. 

So, my mom and dad took me, my sister, and my friends to a farm.

I got to feed sheep along with my friends.....

.....and learn how to shoot an arrow!

I enjoyed taking photos of my animal friends.

What a fun birthday celebration I had!

I show you more photos next time....

Thank you!

March 19, 2011

Movie Time Is Family Time!

Once a month, our family go out to watch a movie together. Last month we watch Rapunzel in 3D. I really liked it.

On our way to the cinema, we saw that they are showing another fun movie to watch next month.

That's me and my big sis.


March 13, 2011

My Colorful Shoes

My mom and dad came home from their trip and got me a pair of new shoes called Twinkle Toes by Skechers. I love them. Very colorful!

The shoes twinkle when I walk with them.Thank you mom and dad!

January 31, 2011

A Visit To The Post Office

My big sister and I started a Postcard Exchange project for this year. My mom and dad took us to the big post office to show us how things are done there. Then we went to the mall to buy postcards. There's more colorful postcards there than in the post office.

In the picture above, I am standing beside a postbox inside the mall. We can drop the postcards here after we write a message, the address to where we are sending it and our home address. We also need to buy a stamp on it, then it's ready to be flown all the way across the world, hehehe.

If you want to know more about our project, click here.

January 16, 2011

Colorful Balloons

This picture of me was taken by my mom during the Christmas eve where we had fun games like balloon popping.


January 14, 2011

A Visit To The Dentist

 Last week, my mom and dad took me to the dentist. I've eaten lots of sweets during Christmas and New Year that's why my teeth hurt.

 The lady dentist was kind. She can speak a little English so I knew I'll be fine.

 My Dad and my mom were watching me by the door. I knew I was safe.

 They did some filling on 2 teeth and so it took a long time. It's not easy to keep my mouth open for a long time.

 But after that, I was happy to finally buy the journal that I really like. I save a lot of money for that.

The best thing about visiting the dentist is that I get to eat ice cream after the visit. :-)

Do you like going to the dentist? I do. I think it's fun!